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  • my interest in the psychology academia

    Perhaps the same as many other aspirant students, the main driving force for me to pursue graduate education is curiosity, yet not the same curiosity that most of them think of. They fantasize of the knowledge they were deprived of during their undergraduate degrees, hoping to fill that frustrating gap between the layman and the […]

  • manga warez 02 + film warez 05: just what’s with these mommy issues?

    Chi no Wadachi (2017, Shūzō Oshimi) Death of Nintendo (2020, Raya Martin, Black Sheep, IndieFlip) For some reason the most recent media I consumed were both bildungsroman stories with their seemingly (overtly) overprotective mothers. I was not consciously looking for these kinds of stories, but it’s just fun to realize I’ve been watching and reading […]

  • film warez 04: april 29th, a romance marathon

    It’s 6:13 in the evening and I’ve just finished watching Linklater’s Before Sunset, about 3 years since I’ve seen the first installment of the trilogy Before Sunrise. It’s also the same time when my then girlfriend introduced me to the film, having said that’s her favorite film, despite having not finished the whole movie. Interestingly, […]

  • notes on Lacan’s 1974 interview

    Reading upon Lacan’s 1974 interview, once again Lacan has clarified something about the misconceptions of most psychologists, lay practitioners and even experts, who have dropped the practice in lieu of the decadent, arrogant practices, or so called therapies. These charlatans, whom Lacan branded as “magicians and quacks”, has since misrepresented psychoanalysis to identify itself with […]

  • i’ve been in ‘extreme enhanced community quarantine’ already before it was cool

    Social distancing, no work, no pay, anxiety, hypochondriasis, all these things you enjoy amidst this bat-plague i’m already experiencing for about 10 months already. And it’s also already months since I’ve posted on this blog. There wasn’t anything interesting about the world as of late, or at least that’s how I see it. It’s a […]

  • born again: bodies without old organs

    Halfway (re)watching through the 2006 documentary ‘Jesus Camp’ I cannot contain myself but to write thoughts about the film. Personally, it has been a vivid experience on what was happening on the screen. Jesus Camp is seen by many of its viewers as horrific, something immoral at plain sight; in contrast, an influential and flourishing […]

  • manga warez 01: this is definitely cp

    Umibe no Onnanoko (2009, Asano Inio) This 2019, I really had no resolutions, just like the years before. However, I felt the need to read things again. So I started reading Grapes of Wrath for a required reading for my World Literature subject, but then for some reason I stumbled with mangas again. Perhaps the last […]

  • film warez 02: hard to be a god?

    more like, hard to be watched. Well, that is not really the case. The film is surprisingly okay, perhaps it is just me losing my attention span after months of not watching any film. I would argue that I got the most unique viewing experience of this film, (as if it matters, well as if […]

  • a spectre is haunting the internet

    —the spectre of city pop. For about days already I found myself invested to YouTube music recommendations, and I can’t express enough my fascination how the site’s algorithm to tailor one’s current preference works really well in practice. Despite YouTube having really low fidelity on their audio compression (not much difference on my FLACs because […]

  • forget the surveys: your opinion doesn’t matter

    “What is this? Some sort of marketing research?” asked one hypothetical anti-social sciences hipster who still reads Freud in the 21st century. Psychology institutions has allegedly identified themselves with scientific method, however, the relationship seems to be one-sided. Psychology is that confused study about people, but not really people, but those inner voices within those […]